Domestic Cleaning

Domestic cleaning by professional cleaners has become essential.
We all lead stressful lives juggling many responsibilities at the same time, and looking after the family tending to children, cooking, shopping, and full-time careers means everything and everyone is a demands time leaving you with little or no time and energy.

Leaving the house without proper cleaning allows clutter to accumulate, dust, harmful bacteria and allergens to take over your home.
This is where we come in!

Squeaky Clean will give you a clean, healthy, safe home environment and help you get your life back.

Our professionally trained domestic cleaners cater to any cleaning crisis, big or small.
We offer an environmentally friendly ECO clean solutions that will ensure your house is safe of toxic and harmful chemicals.
Choose from our Initial Deep Clean or our regular Domestic Cleaning service and we will give you that pleasant feeling of a Squeaky Clean house.

It is proven that clean and organised house improves your health and well-being, so let us do this for you.

What can you expect from us.

Regular Clean

Book a cleaner for daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly cleaning and we will send a reliable and carefully vetted cleaner.
We create a personal for you plan, providing exactly the services you want on a regular basis.
The service is designed to keep your living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms in an excellently clean condition.

Deep Clean

Our deep cleaning service is often booked by customers looking to catch up and get ahead.
If you are new to us, this gives us the chance to assess your property and bring it up to standard ready for regular cleaning, and if you are an existing client, then a deeper spring clean may be a requirement from time to time.
Check our Deep Cleaning Checklist and get in touch with us

Complete the form and we will be in touch within 1 hour.

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